Main supplier of Staineless Steel chimney in Romania

Stainless steel chimneys

Tehnical card

The stainless steel chimneys are designed to evacuate the flue gases from individual combustion plants in compliance with I – 5 and I – 13 norms.Terma Star produces double-walled chimneys and mineral wool insulation of 40 mm thick, density 40 kg / m3 cassette in aluminum foil.The Terma Star baskets are made of austenitic stainless steel sheet to the parts in contact with combustion gases and glossy ferro-martensitic stainless steel to the outer parts.

Resistance and stability

The realization of the stainless steel chimney chimneys gives them the anticorrosive resistance to the attack of the chemical agents present in the combustion gases activated by the presence of the condensation water. Smoke trays provide higher technical performance than traditional brick or silicate prefabricated buildings. Stainless steel chimneys are usually provided with support in conjunction with the building that the heating system serves. There is also a self-supporting support with rigid hinges, but it is applied differentially, every application, with the guarantee of stability. Regardless of the way of support, Terma Star stainless steel chimneys resist a wind speed of 30m / s (103km / h) and seismic acceleration of 1 6m / s2 simultaneously.

Fire safety

The fire safety is guaranteed by the resistance of the basket at a permanent temperature of 160° C and occasionally at most one hour up to a maximum of 250° C. The thickness and the quality of the insulation ensure the temperature on the outer jacket is kept to a maximum of 50° C in enclosed spaces.

Operating pressure

The maximum admissible inboard pressure is 2000N / m2.

Terms of delivery

According to the customer’s order, stainless steel chimneys are delivered in full range. containing the followers: the base sections (including tee to boilers, condensation capture and elimination condensation systems, vent holes that also act as the explosion flap), linear sections, gripping supports, terminal elements (hats), etc.The supplied chimneys will have identification markings according to European Standard SR EN 1856-1: 2009. For self-supporting baskets the support system is evaluated, the installation being subject to a special calculation and a special warranty. Based on the bid, full or partial works can be performed based on customer specifications. For Terma Star customer solutions he does not take responsibility.

Payment methods

Upon issuing the order, an advance of 50% of the value of the offer accepted by the beneficiary is paid. Final payment is made at delivery.

Putting into operation

Check and ensure the vicinity of fuel elements adjacent to the chimney path.
The installation of the basket means that the conditions for fixing the spacers, the console and the support stand are met, depending on the chosen solution.
Mount the support elements; Install all the sections from bottom to top; Connect the chimney to the smoke channel of the boiler.

Closing the execution

The execution of the basket ends with the issuance of the warranty certificate and the certificate of conformity which must specify the documentary base and the markings for the identification of the basket.